Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Kicked Some Wii Bowling Butt!

HA! I totally kicked everyone's butt in Wii Bowling!

Ricardo had set the record but I beat it today while playing against Danielle. I bowled 245! Now don't ask me to do that in a real bowling alley! I usually bowl a 54 or something along those lines. LOL

Here I am in all my animated bowling glory! (Did you notice I am now classified as a "pro" bowler?)

We play down in the den where Rick has a large movie screen. I am a little blurry but definitely still a "HOTTIE" LOL

P.S. Those are supposed to be my hands hold the bowling ball. Good thing! I was beginning to think that my girl was in desperate need of a new bra, or some major surgery! ROFL


Tracie H said...

LOL! I'll admit to having to look twice at that piccie! Funny!
Your pictures of Arizona are amazing.
Thanks for dropping by my blog.
Happy days.


Debbi said...

LOL...A new Bra....lol

Jessica said...

Ahahahaha! I thought the same thing! Sheesh!

suebaru said...

LOL! I missed this yesterday! I thought the same thing when I first had a go on the bowling!;)

Just Me Again said...

Too funny...a new bra! LOL.