Saturday, July 07, 2007


We went to "Summerfest" in Belleville last night, and had so much fun!

We danced to some GREAT Reggae music. The band is call Jah Roots. We even purchased their cd to add to our growing collection.

There were some Brazilian dancers there. I LOVE how colorful their costumes were! Of course, the guys all LOVED how short her skirt was!

And a real live fire breathing dragon! Check him out! (His name is Tommy Riddle and he calls himself the "Superfly Fire Guy").

But, I have to say that the guys performing extreme stunts on motorcycles took home the "Kathy is Impressed" prize! (Won't they be overjoyed to know that? LOL) They were part of a group called Streetfighterz and they blew us away!

This is Dan Farley. Ricardo made this cool collage using three of the pictures I took.

This is Guru.

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