Saturday, September 15, 2007

"GAUDY" Surprises!

If you have been reading my blog since the very beginning, then you already know about one of the BEST purchases we have ever made. The faux fireplace that is in our bedroom! (I have several pictures of it in the February archives). What I didn't mention before is that it actually came with two different logs. The "normal" log that you use when you have the gel fuel burning, and another log that holds tea lights. We when looked at the tea light log, we thought it was very "GAUDY" looking. It had red glitter all over the areas where it was "supposed" to look like a "real" burning log. Well, it went right back into the box and was thrown into the closet.

Finally, after stubbing my toe on that box for the 100th time, I decided to pull it back out and put it into the fireplace. I wanted to see what it actually looked liked when the tea lights were lit.

I was pleasantly surprised.

In the pictures below you can see what I mean about "GAUDY" red glitter. But, when you turn the lights off, you get beautiful "ambiance"

Who knew?

Now, I have to stock up on more tea lights!


Tricia said...


Natasha Burns said...

Amazing what a difference!!!

Greenie Gardens said...

I see these advertised all the time but didn't know they worked so well. What a great idea for the bedroom! Thanks for all the nice comments on the blog. It's always nice when you stop by. That eclair dessert will definately be on my list of recipes to try. Stephanie

Kari said...

I found your blog from a comment you left on Splaneyo's blog. And when I clicked over and saw the word "gaudy", heart started pounding a little harder and I broke into a bit of a sweat. As my friends and family say..."if it ain't gaudy, Kari don't want it". Yeah, they're horrible people and don't even speak English well, but what can you do? They're friends and family...

Anywho - love the pictures. The log really DOES look better "burning" than I would have thought. I love the thought of a fireplace in the bedroom - faux or otherwise!

Cheryl Wray said...

How COOL is that? Aren't you glad you tried them?
i can't wait until it's actually cool enough to use our fireplace! But it will be awhile down here!

Splaneyo said...

I'm not a big fan of vegetables either, but technically I think squash is a fruit. So, you should try it. Ahh, I'm just kidding. I wouldn't make you eat something you didn't like - unless you were my mother in law. I do love serving her brussel sprouts to - it is kind of fun to watch her squirm.

Maria said...

Wow...simply beautiful