Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Who's Your Crush?

OK! Better late than never! RIGHT?

I saw this challenge over at Categories Stories and thought that "maybe" I would join in the fun.

Well, I procrastinated so long that the challenge was over, and they had moved on to a new challenge! LOL! VERY typical of me!

I figured since I had already purchased everything to make the layout I might as well try to get it done.

Anybody who knows me, KNOWS about my "CRUSH" on Orlando Bloom! I honestly had NO CLUE who he was until I saw him in the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie. I walked out of the movie theater asking my family "WHO was that GORGEOUS guy?"

The response from my kids was:

MOM! You know who that is! He played Legolas in The Lord of the Rings! Ya know, the elf with the long blond hair! Nope! I didn't even realize that it was the same person! (Orlando, PLEASE don't EVER dye your hair blond again! OK!)

P.S. I downloaded the pictures from the internet, so I'm not sure who should get credit for them, but I want to THANK them tremendously for such wonderful eye candy!


mosaic queen said...

My 3rd daughter used to say that she was going to marry Orlando.
Brad Pitt used to be my crush until he kicked Jennifer to the curb and hooked up with the crazy Angelina! After that, I no longer found him attractive. I haven't found anyone else to crush on since. :-(

Cheryl Wray said...

That is just SO funny!!! We are truly on the same wavelength today. Great minds think alike...
My middle DD LOVES Orlando B. and personally I LOVED him in LOTR movies.
The layout is GREAT!!!! He's a cutie. I'd take him if I couldn't have John Cusack. lol

Kari said...

That's so funny - after I saw LOTR at the theater, I came out telling everybody and their dog about that "hot lookin' elf". lol And then Pirates...well, 'nuff said, right? He's what you call a pretty, pretty man. Yessir!

Eminepala said...

wow... he's definetely A HOTTIE ;)
you have good taste LOL

Love the layout too


Greenie Gardens said...

I have to agree the view is mighty fine! I still like Robert Redford- know he's older but I haven't been able to stop the clock either. Also like the guy who plays the boyfriend on The Closer. Stephanie

Debbi said...

Oh now girl......move aside.......Orlando is deffinatly mine........he needs me.......Great LO with Awesome photos.........

Kelly said...

total HOTTIE! Love the big letters for your title :)

Maria said...

Great LO!!! I have a big huge crush on Johhnie Depp, but I wouldn't mind a date with Orlando, LOL.

Splaneyo said...

Okay that is pretty funny. Well I too like Robert Redford. That smile...oh that smile. Someday I will have to tell a funny story about him and my rehearsal dinner.