Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Mr. Mister and I had some fun this Sunday.

There was a little (as in only about 5 blocks long! LOL) Veteran's Day parade, in a town near us, that one of our friends was participating in. So we headed over around noon and waited for it to begin.

Afterwards, we decided to go out for lunch. We couldn't decide what we wanted to eat, so we just started driving towards the closest Romano's Macaroni Grill (which is approximately 45 minutes away, in Missouri.) I was already beginning to salivate over the thought of their bread dipped in olive oil, and a big bowl of their vodka rustica pasta.

As we were driving, I asked Mr. Mister what particular foods he wanted to be included on the menu for Thanksgiving. He mentioned several of his favorites, one of them being homemade green beans. Well, that started him saying things like, "I could really go for some green beans right now!" But we were already half way to the Macaroni Grill, and the OOOOOOOOO SO YUMMY bread & pasta by then.

We kept driving and he mentioned green beans again! I said that we would have to turn around, and head back to Texas Roadhouse, because everyone knows they have the BEST green beans in the state! (Well, at least that is my opinion!) So we take the next exit and head back into Illinois. Needless to say, they were darn good, when we "finally" got to the restaurant to eat.

We then headed out to do a little shopping. I needed to pick up a stamp at Michael's that said "Handmade by:" so that I can stop writing it by hand on the back of all of my Christmas cards. Then we headed to K-Mart, and I figured we may as well stop at Barnes & Nobles to pick up a copy of the Christmas Jars book, since we were already in the area.

While we were doing all this running around, I mentioned several times that I wanted to see the movie Fred Claus, especially after reading Kari's review of the movie.

We drove by the movie theater, and the next show was in 30 minutes. We parked and bought our tickets. Of course, no movie is complete without a heaping bucket of popcorn and a large soda! (So much for dieting!)

We settled in and waited for the movie to begin. Mr. Mister pulled out his cell phone and started playing solitaire, while I answered a text message from our daughter. What in the world did we ever do before cell phones came along?

The movie was great! We laughed a lot! I even teared up at some parts. (YES, I'm one of those people that cries at every movie.) Like Kari mentioned on her blog, the North pole was awesome! The buildings, the atmosphere, everything was just so cool to look at. I would definitely love to visit a place like that!


Kari said...

Oh I'm so glad you went! My son asked me to go with him and his brother to see it (the second time for me!) on Sunday. He paid for everything...such a sweet kid. He knew I was kind of "down" about something and he also knows Christmas movies always make me feel better.
I loved Vince dancing to "Stop, Look and Listen"...too cute with all the elves. And I loved Santa and Mrs. Claus and even Kevin Spacey and of course, Willie. Heck, I'd better stop before I talk myself into going again. lol

And you're right, by the way...Texas Roadhouse DOES have the best green beans. We used to eat at one in Milton, Florida all the time when we lived down in that area. Funny, though. I don't think I've actually SEEN a Texas Roadhouse since we moved to Texas. lol

Shannon said...

Sounds like a fun day! Have you had the green beans at Lotawata? They are excellent-I think they might be Chris's favorite.

Jessica said...

Ooooh, Kathy! Once you crossed over the river, you should have headed straight south to Sweet Tomatoes! Do that for me sometime, will ya? You can enjoy your dinner (or lunch) while thinking of me!

Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun! Also sounds like something Drew and I would have done pre-Kami. Makes me look forward to having that again once our kiddo (an future kiddo(s)...not this is not an announcment) are grown!

Cheryl Wray said...

I also cry at ANYTHING!!! Commercials, heck even sporting events sometime....

That movie looks really cute!!!!! And, movie theatre popcorn (extra,layered butter please) is my FAVORITE!!!!

Sounds like a great time!