Sunday, November 25, 2007

A Little Of This! A Little Of That!

I hope that everyone had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving! I spent the day cooking and cleaning like a crazy woman! We finally sat down to eat at around 3:00 pm. It was a very yummy meal, that left us with LOTS of leftovers!

I am getting ready to make some turkey noodle soup! Which will be perfect, because it's COLD (37 degrees at the moment) and rainy here. I am thinking soup and a grilled cheese sandwich sounds delightful!

I have been meaning to post some pictures of this adorable cover that Mrs. G, a sweet lady that I work with, made for my Pazzles machine. I absolutely LOVE it! I still need to find some kind of embellishment to add on the front of it, but I wanted to wait until I found the perfect flower. Usually, Mrs. G will add a flower, that looks like a daisy (or whatever you want)on the flap, but since the fabric I chose had pink roses on it, I wanted to find something that would match it perfectly. She also makes these covers for the Cricut machines, and sells them at our store! You can see other samples here and here.

They are just so cute!

Two weeks ago, Brat Girl, Niece from Germany, and I, started taking cake decorating classes. This past Tuesday, we all had to take a cake, and two batches of icing (UMMMMMMM! Can we say DIET BUSTER?)with us to class. Our instructor showed us how to ice the cake, and make it smooth. We then learned how to make shells, and rosettes. Here I am, practicing like a good little student! TEACHER! Do I get a gold star?

After we practiced on our boards for a little while, we moved on to the cakes. By golly! I'm doing it! I'm icing my first cake! (Pay no attention to the fact that some of my rosettes are on top of the cake, and some appear to be falling off the side of the cake!)

And here ya go!

We actually decorated the top of the cake too, (using stencils) but I didn't like how it turned out, so I decided to just show the plain top.

OOOOOOOO! Did I mention the fact that Brat Girl, Niece from Germany, and I, all live in the SAME HOUSE? What does that mean? That all THREE cakes were brought back here, to be eaten! UGH! Next week, I think we will be taking cakes to work with us!


Ginny said...

Your pazzle cover fits well and looks great. I under estimate my talents so I have problems excepting compliments but thank you Kathy. I love your cake and you can bring one to work anytime to share with your co workers. LOL

Linda said...

Very nice.
Like Mother like Daughter. We are so good.
Love Ya

Cheryl Wray said...

That cake looks gorgeous!!! And i love that cover. Too cute!

I made cake this weekend too. It didn't turn out pretty like yours (it fell in!!! in three pieces, no less!), but it tasted delicious!! LOL

So glad you had a great Thanksgiving!!!!! We had tons of leftovers too! That's what I'm about to eat for lunch!

ChoKitty said...

Your cake turned out prettier than mine, Mommy.

And does Gamma mean Like Mother, like daughter, like granddaughter?