Friday, January 25, 2008

It's WHAT time?

This is what time I get up in the morning to take my son to work! GRUMBLE! GRUMBLE! GROAN! GROAN!

I went to a Premier Designs Jewelry party tonight. There was a lot of cute stuff there, and it was neat to see how they interchanged different pieces. I would have never thought to keep layering a bunch of different necklaces together. My mind just doesn't work that way. LOL! I think along the lines of, buy the pretty necklace, now you gotta have the matching bracelet, and then of course there are the earrings too! Everything has to be all "matchy matchy" in my head!

I really don't wear jewelry, but you "have" to buy something when you go to these kinds of things. Don't you? So, I bought the Tutti Frutti necklace and the MATCHING earrings! Imagine that! LOL Now, they can join the other jewelry that I NEVER wear, in my jewelry box.


Splaneyo said...

Wow - I thought we were up early. Owen usually wakes around 5 AM, but sometimes it is 4:30. You win!

I love your new banner photo.


Cheryl Wray said...

That is EARLY!!!!!!! Ugh...
I'd have to say you are a wonderful Mom for getting up so early for your son!

I have also been to these parties and they do have pretty jewelry.I lose jewelry so easily, though, that I hate to spend money on it.