Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Baltimore Aquarium!

Everyone knows that I CANNOT pass up going to an aquarium. Everywhere we go, one of the first questions out of my mouth, is "is there an aquarium here?"

I can spend hours wandering around looking at all of the pretty fish. I always get excited when I find the sea horses. And I stand mesmerized, while I watch the jelly fish swim gracefully by. Aquariums are very peaceful to me.

This trip included a visit to the National Aquarium in Baltimore. What a fun place! Lots of cool things to see. But at this aquarium, for me, it was all about the frog exhibit! I was obsessed!

Over these particular frogs!

Aren't they pretty? All different shades of blue. (The pictures are a bit blurry because they were taken through the glass. They also continuously mist the habitat so that their environment stays moist.)

The Poisonous Dart Frog! (The following information was taken from the National Aquarium of Baltimore's website)

The most poisonous animal in the world is not a snake or a spider – it’s one of the most dazzling frogs you’ll ever see. Poison dart frogs come in a dizzying array of colors and patterns.

The golden poison dart frog, called terribilis (the terrible), is so toxic that it can kill 20,000 mice or 10 people!

Native tribesman in their ranges have been known to poison the tips of blowdarts with the frog’s toxin when hunting.

Complex compounds in the skin secretions of dart frogs are being studied by scientists for potential medical use. These hopping pharmacies have already provided a possible substitute for morphine which is non-addictive and 100 times more potent.

All I can say is WOW! I knew once I read the description about them, that they were something I HAD to see!

The exhibit included many different kinds of frogs. And as always, I took way too many pictures, but I wanted to show you this one because it totally cracked me up! (It's nice to know that it's not only humans with weight problems......ROFL)

This was Mr. Mister's favorite fish. "She" kept blowing him kisses, and posing for the camera. Such a FLIRT! Girlfriend! Get your own man! ROFL!


Natasha Burns said...

my little guy loves to visit the frogs at the Melbourne zoo, it's the first port of call for us. i love the bright coloured tiny frogs, they're always the most poisonous and rare!

Mosaic*Queen said...

Again, YOU CRACK ME UP!!!!
Too bad we don't live closer. I would love to hang out with you! I bet you are a lot of fun!