Saturday, May 17, 2008

42 Years Old!

It's hard to believe that I turned 42 years old today! In some ways it feels so old, and in other ways, still quite young. We'll just go with the young part of that equation! OK? LOL

It was a really good day! Mr. Mister flew back home yesterday, so that he could spend the day with me. (Unfortunately, he flies back out tomorrow!)

The sun was SHINING! It actually got up to approximately 80 degrees today. It was absolutely beautiful!

Mr. Mister took me out to eat, and to several scrapbook stores. It's so fun to see what everyone has to offer. All of the stores have different things. I had some gift certificates, so I bought inserts that fit inside some of my plastic containers to organize embellishments and other goodies.

I also bought a set of acrylic stamps with monkeys on them. (Everyone knows that monkeys are the IN thing right now! LOL) Stampendous has come out with LOTS of really CUTE monkey stamps! This one is called "Changito Dos". Of course, I want all of them!

And Stacy Julian's new book called Photo Freedom. (I cannot wait to sink into that one.)

I had also been wanting to try Tim Holtz's Adirondack Alcohol Inks, but kept putting them back whenever I went shopping, (believe me, I talk myself out of more stuff than I buy most of the time) But today, I said "what the heck" and threw them into my basket, along with a multi-pack of velvet flock by Doodlebug. (That's what gift certificates are for! Right?) Now, I have so much new stuff to play with, I don't know where I want to begin! LOL

Mr. Mister also bought me a new printer because my other one stopped printing photographs. I don't know what happened to it. It just wouldn't take photo paper anymore.

My kids were out and about all day. "Brat Girl" had to work, and "Bud" was at one of his friends graduation. But, they both took time out of their days to give me a quick call, and wish me Happy Birthday! Because "Brat Girl" had to work, she baked me a cake, and gave me my gift yesterday. It was a bread machine! I had just told her at lunch that I was planning on buying a new one because my other one had died and gone to bread machine heaven a few years ago. Later, she snuck out to the store, and bought one for me! How cool is that?

I blew it when I told "Bud" that the colored pencils I needed were the watercolor Prisma pencils. What I really needed were the regular colored pencils. Unfortunately, he had misplaced his receipt and Hobby Lobby would only give him in-store credit for the last SALE price on the pencils! Which I am NOT happy about, since the pencils were NOT on sale when he purchased them. So, he has decided he will keep the watercolor pencils and is going to buy me a new set on payday. I told him not to do that, because it was my fault, but he said he wants to. So, I will be getting my REGULAR Prisma colored pencils then. He is upgrading to the larger set, since he is combining my Mother's Day and Birthday gift together! (Again, I tried to talk him out of this, but he wouldn't listen to me!)

I KNOW!!!! I am one incredibly spoiled girl! But, I sure do smell good wearing my new GLOW by J.LO perfume my mother bought for me! ROFL!


Linda said...

I hope you had a wonderful day, and don't ever call me spoiled again.

Love Ya,


Cheryl Wray said...

WOW!!! Look at all that good stuff!!!


Rhonda said...

Happy birthday, Kathy!! :) ~~Rhonda

Greenie Gardens said...

Happy Birthday. I hope you'll always be spoiled by those you love. Heather and Sam bought a house so things will be very busy here- probably won't post much for a while but wanted to stop by and say hi and now happy birthday!

Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! Some friend I am! Sorry!!!!! I'm slow, that's all. lol

Love all your gifts. You must let me know how the Adirondack inks and the flocking do. Show me a finished product so I'll "get" it. :)

And your children and your husband are so sweet to treat you so well on your birthday. But, of course, YOU DESERVE IT!!

Anyway, people are waiting to get on my computer (husband and son. Geez!) so I'd better stop now. I'll be back to visit again tomorrow!

Again, Happy Late Birthday!

Mosaic*Queen said...

Happy~Happy Birthday Miss Kathy!!!
You sure have a wonderful husband!!!
Have fun with your new scrap book supplies!!!