Saturday, May 31, 2008

Home On The Range!

OK! OK! It's not really on that kind of a range! No cows mooing! No horses galloping! But it has pretty green grass for them to graze on if they wanted to! It's the driving range!

Mr. Mister wanted to go hit a bucket or two of balls today, and since he couldn't find anyone else to go with him, he told me I HAD to go! LOL! So, I did what any good scrapbooker would do! I grabbed the camera!

Here he is, in all of his ball hitting glory!

There are no pictures to prove it, but I even hit a few! Some even made it past the 100 yard sign! WOW! Move over Tiger, I'm going pro! (Don't tell Mr. Mister I said this, because I SWORE I would NEVER play golf! But it was actually FUN! Especially, the times I swung and totally MISSED the ball! There we were, staring off into space, searching for the ball, waiting for it to land, only to finally look down and see that it's still sitting on the tee! ROFLMBO!!)


Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

Okay - I can't resist...who knew Samuel L. Jackson played golf??? lol

My dad had me caddy for him. Once. Way back when I was about 11. He took one of those swings like you did. He was looking off into the distance, saying how he must have really smacked that ball because he couldn't see it anywhere. I told him to look down 'cause the ball was right where it started. He never took me golfing again. lol


Shannon said...

Chris & I went to a driving range before we were married and we each got a bucket of 100 balls. I think I could've done about 10! I missed so many but it was fun and I got some good laughs out of it.

Mosaic*Queen said...

The ball in front of you sounds very familiar!!! LOL!!!