Sunday, May 11, 2008

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Mother's Day!

I will be finishing up my Harry Potter marathon!

This morning my daughter and son came into the bedroom with the "traditional" desert dish filled with all kinds of cut up fruit and whipped cream on top! This is SO SO YUMMY!

Then, they proceeded to spoil me rotten! ROTTEN I SAY!

Mr. Mister bought me a pond! It will be going in next to our deck. I cannot wait to see it! (And hear it!)

My daughter gave me some wonderful Ghirardelli dark chocolates (I LOVE dark chocolate!) and ordered the Scor-Pal I have been wanting!

I'm sure it will bring me hours of fun and creativity!

And my son gave me Prisma Colored Pencils, that I have also been asking for, so that I can do the "Magic Colored Pencil Technique" with my rubber stamps:

I know! I know! So many projects! So MUCH time! ROFL!


Mosaic*Queen said...

Happy Mother's Day to you Miss Kathy!!!



Linda said...

Hey Girl,
Hope you are having a wonderful Mother's Day and that you are feeling much better.

Love Ya,

Cheryl Wray said...

Fun, fun...that's some great stuff!!!!

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

Dark chocolate AND a pond?? Dang, woman! You ARE spoiled. I like that! lol

Make sure you take pictures of the pond when it's installed. Can't wait to see it (so I can casually point it out to my husband....).