Saturday, June 07, 2008

3X3 Card Set!

These were made for the Technique Lover's Challenge (TLC171) posted on Split Coast Stampers. The challenge was to create several 3X3 cards, matching envelopes, and a cute box to store them in.

It took me a while to complete this set, but I LOVE how it turned out.

Unfortunately, I read another post stating that these cannot be mailed through the U.S. Postal System. I guess they are too small? Hmmmmmmm!


Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

I'm so impressed! Those are great! How long did it take you to do them (and if you say one afternoon, I'm packing the car and driving up there to begin my lessons with you. lol)

Really good job - I'm going to have to get involved with these challenges one of these days.


Linda said...

Very Pretty.
Love Ya


Anonymous said...

oh my goodness those are darling. And Split Coast Stampers? I haven't been there in so long!! Maybe I need to go back.
But what great little cards. I love the colors!!!

Do you have any LO in SIS that includes stamping? I love those!!

Mosaic*Queen said...

They turned out Beautiful!!! I don't know why you couldn't mail them. Once I received a real live banana in the mail from a friend. She wrote my address and her message on the peel, put a stamp on it and mailed it. Talk about freaking me out when I opened the mailbox and found a banana sitting in there. What a goofball that friend was! :-)



Greenie Gardens said...

Those turned out so cute! Glad you made it through the storm. We lost power for a bit. So glad you liked the iris- too bad they don't last longer! Take care, Stephanie

Anne Alagna said...

I love them! I also love making little cards. My problem is making the envies to go with them.

I agree with Mosaic Queen... we used to do Test The Post Office swaps where we mailed all kinds of strange things... like a shoe with the address written on the sole... But then again they automate the envies so it could be a size issue for the machines. Who knows.