Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Breaking Dawn!

Yes! I bought my copy of it! But, I have not started reading it yet! Why? Well, partly because I don't want the story to end! I've gotten so drawn into the characters. I would be perfectly happy reading about Edward, Bella, and Jacob for FOREVER! LOL!

And, I was also waiting for Mr. Mister to leave on his trip. I know that once I start reading, that I won't want to stop. You can pretty much forget about the laundry, dishes, dinner, or anything else! LOL!

I'm thinking I will probably start it tonight. I have too! Brat Girl is giving me grief, because she is almost done, and keeps wanting to talk to me about it.

So, if you see me, and I have bloodshot eyes, you know why! LOL


Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

I bought my copy, but haven't opened it yet, either. I'm hoping it's a great story that really draws me in so I've been waiting to start it so that if it is, I'll be able to read until my eyeballs fall out, without interruption. LOL


Mosaic*Queen said...

I'm getting ready to start the first of the series. Daughter #3 has been HOOKED!!!! :-)