Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Cooler Days!

These last few days have been WONDERFUL!

I love that it's getting cooler. We have been able to turn the air conditioner off, and open all of the windows. (I am sure that the electric company is having fits right about now!)

The nights are the best part. I get to pull out my comfy jammies, and snuggle down under the blanket, where I am perfectly content. Usually, I am kicking the blankets off, because it's too hot, or wanting to pile three more blankets on top of us, because it's too cold. Right now though, it's PERFECT with just one blanket, and the windows wide open. Of course, Mr. Mister thinks it too chilly with the windows open at night, but I am going to keep them that way for as long as possible. (It's supposed to start warming back up again.)

I went out in the yard this morning and started getting the flower beds ready for fall/winter. I was pulling and cutting things like Edward Scissorhands! I'm afraid I have left large, gaping, holes everywhere in the flower beds. But, they needed it. They were overgrown, and beginning to look like a jungle. I ended up putting three full bags of yard waste out at the curb for pickup, and I only did half of the flower beds. The others will have to wait for another cool morning.

Now, I am off to see what other kind of trouble I can get myself into.


Rhonda said...

We're hoping to do some of that kind of yard work tomorrow. DH's day off. Isn't the cooler weather gorgeous? We sat outside this evening and it was almost chilly. ~~Rhonda

Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

Yard work. Yuck. I keep thinking the Yard Fairy Union is going to come around and take care of our pesky little weed problem...not to mention that nasty pruning that's just YEARNING to be done. But, alas...no fairies have shown up yet. Hope springs eternal, though. Maybe one day, the gnomes and fairies will unite to take care of our overgrown, crappy looking flowerbeds. ha! Until then...have you ever considered visiting the DFW area?? :)


joybear said...

Sounds awesome! Love the cat photos...very cool that you got them hissing! I hope they are all getting along now.

Mosaic*Queen said...

aaaaaahhhhhh......I'm trying to remember what cooler weather feels like. We won't see dips in our temps until later October. I, too, attacked my yard AND still need to do more! Very jungle like. I had a lot more than 3 bags. Matter of fact, we filled up the back of the pick-up truck and drove to the dump. Plain wore me out! :-)
Too bad about not getting to go to New Orleans, but I'm thankful that I got to see Lincoln's house! Too Cool! Thank you for that! :-)