Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Nothing Much Going On!


So, there's not much to chat about!

Just trying to catch up on some things.

Today, I've been watching QVC, because they are having the last Paper Crafting Fair of the year! Which means, they are showing all kinds of scrapbooking/paper crafting goodies. Lots of things to OOOOOOH & AAAAAH over! (NO, I'm not ordering all of it! LOL! Just WATCHING!)

I'm waiting to see Tim Holtz! He is making his debut today! I can't wait to see the kits that he is offering.

Hopefully, I can make it through the rest of the afternoon without pulling out the wallet! LOL!


Shannon said...

Oh, thanks for reminding me. I was catching up with Dancing with the Stars when I read your blog and had to change it.

Have a good day!

Cheryl Wray said...

LOL I was just flipping channels and happened to discover Tim H. on there. Watching it right now! :-)