Friday, October 17, 2008

Operation Baking Gals News!

Our baking group has heard from Chaplain Jones and his team!

Several emails were sent from Anna-Marie Greenfield, the assistant Chaplain to Michael Jones. She has sent thanks from themselves, and all of the soldiers that are enjoying the care packages we sent out. It appears that all of the goodies are disappearing QUICKLY! LOL!

She also included several pictures!

Here is Anna-Marie with Chaplain Jones (Chappy):


Anna-Marie and some of the soldiers:

This is the Honor Chapel Office Team:

And, last but not least, Anna-Marie with Chapel Albertson:

It is so good to know that the boxes have arrived, and that everyone is getting a little taste of home!

I am planning to sign up again! They are now forming baking teams for round four! So, if you would like to send some LOVIN' from your OVEN, to the troops overseas, head on over to Operation Baking Gals, and choose a team. Boxes are to be shipped out the last week of October.

See ya there!


Audra Krell said...

First, Happy Anniversary and congratulations! Second, these pictures are so great, thanks for letting us know they are getting some love from home!

Splaneyo said...

Happy anniversary! I love this idea. I might just have to fire up my oven!

Cheryl Wray said...

I'm going to go check out the new teams. Thanks!