Friday, January 16, 2009

Lily Peace!

Back in December, Michelle at Mosaic Cottage, had a give away.

She wanted to find a new home for the adorable fairy, "Lily Peace." Lily Peace is of course, a peaceful fae. (She even has a peace sign on her chest.) She was living with Michelle in Arizona. She loved her home, and enjoyed all of the beautiful flowers out in the garden. Soon though, word spread about life at Mosaic Cottage, and more fairies started showing up. As more fairies made the gardens their home, fights began to break out between them, because there weren't enough homes for all of them. (Michelle, has been working to create more fairy houses, but she cannot keep up with the demand.) Well, Lily Peace, being a peaceful fae, didn't like all of the fighting. It made her very sad, and it scared her. So, Michelle made her a special home, and placed her into her own little glass world.

(Pictures are from Michelle's blog)

Lily Peace was still able to go out and enjoy the gardens whenever she wanted, but she preferred staying close to her beautiful, aqua colored fairy house. She had her very own glittered mushrooms, and she loved sitting on the mosaic mushroom as well. She was content inside her glass world.

As the months went by, more fairies came to the Mosaic Cottage, the gardens were overflowing with fae, birds, and many other garden creatures. Michelle, was very happy to see that the fairies were enjoying her yard, and set about making more homes and "fairy apartments" as quickly as possible.

She also made some bird houses, for all of her feathered friends.

But, she was running out of room, and Lily Peace was becoming distraught over all the fighting over new homes. Finally, Lily Peace went to Michelle, and asked if she knew of another place she could live? A place that a fae would love, but didn't have quite as many fairies flying around.

Michelle, thought about all of her blogging friends, and decided to do a give away so that she could find Lily Peace a new home.

Well! I was the person who was picked to "adopt" Lily Peace. I was SO excited when I found out. And Lily Peace was thrilled that she would be moving to a home that LOVED fairies. Of course, it's much colder where I live, than where she was in Arizona, but Lily Peace figured that would be a bonus, because some fairies don't like living in the colder climates, which meant, they all wouldn't follow her to my house.

Michelle, lovingly helped Lily Peace pack all of her belongings, gave her a kiss, and with a tear sliding down her cheek, sent her on her way to me.

I am happy to report that Lily Peace has arrived and is settling in nicely. She is already looking forward to Spring so that she can see what kind of flowers we will have blooming in our garden. I have been showing her pictures and she is VERY excited!

She wanted me to let Michelle know that she misses her very much, and that she hopes things settle down in the garden soon.

I want to say THANK YOU to Michelle! I love Lily Peace! Every time I look at her, she brings a smile to my face!

I also want all of you to check out Michelle's blog! She is so stinkin' creative! I found her blog when I was looking for cupcake related items. She makes the most adorable mosaic cupcakes! Take a look!

Obviously, Michelle has more than cupcakes on her blog. You really should take a peak at her archives to see all of the wonderful projects she has completed.

I also heard a little rumor, that soon, she may have more fairies ready to make the move to a new garden! Here is Lisa!

She recently relocated to a new home as well!

So, keep your eyes on Michelle's blog, you might just find a fairy of your own!


Cheryl Wray said...

This is such a fun post, and what a sweet faerie. I will go check out your friend's blog.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! You told that story sooooo beautifully that I did tear up! Tell Miss Lily that I miss her too!
Hugs Miss Kathy!