Monday, February 02, 2009

The Broadmoor Hotel

While in Colorado Springs, we stayed at The Broadmoor Hotel. It was BEAUTIFUL! We were actually on the West side, so I didn't get pictures from the front of the hotel.

We're talking five star, turn your bed down at night, and leave a mint on the pillow!

They have three golf courses, fancy (fru-fru) restaurants, a spa, and all kinds of shopping available.

They also have an awesome view of the mountains!

While, I didn't go shopping, or get a facial, I did enjoy relaxing in the room, reading, taking pictures of the hotel, and eating! We ate A LOT!

On our second night there, after Mr. Mister was done working, we all headed over to The Golden Bee (because you CANNOT stay at The Broadmoor, without visiting The Golden Bee!) The Golden Bee is a English Pub. The pub was added as part of The Broadmoor in 1961. It was built with panels and fixtures from an entire 19th-century pub that had been shipped from England and reassembled in Colorado Springs.

It's a fun atmosphere, where they throw bees, that have sticky backs, at you throughout the night. You never know when the bees are going to be thrown, or where they will land. They have ended up in some very interesting places. LOL! Everyone tries to get more bees than everyone else.

They also offer the sounds of a ragtime piano, while customers flip through songbooks and sing along.

And you can get your "ale" by the yard!

Mr. Mister and Mr. H were made fun of until they bit the bullet and ordered one!

Since I am not an "ale" drinker, I was drinking "lemon drops."

WHOA! Two of those were more than enough for me!

Let's just say that we all ended the night a tad bit "HAPPY!" LOL!


Cheryl Wray said...

Oh my MUCH fun does it look like you guys had!!! And that hotel is gorgeous!!!!

Carla said...

Wow, what an awesome place! those lemon drops look absolutely yummy!!