Monday, May 04, 2009

St. Louis Zoo - Part One!

Brat Girl and I went to the zoo today! I took approximately 400 pictures!

I have to say, the kitties are my FAVORITE animals at the zoo. Of course, most of them were asleep! But, not the tigers! I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! I think I took at least 50 pictures of them! LOL!

They were so stinkin' CUTE! And they were playful today! They kept running after, and tackling each other. One of them was even chasing a butterfly! (You cannot actually see the butterfly in the photo below, but it was a small white one!) It was TOO FUNNY! I never thought I would EVER see a tiger chasing butterflies!

We also saw the grizzly bears! They were HUGE!

Although, we think that maybe they were were fighting with each other, because the one looked SO depressed! First, she/he was just sitting there.

Then, she/he decided to lay down. Look at that face!

Now, this guy looked irritated! LOL!

I'm thinking, I wouldn't wanna make him mad! If he kept pacing around, and looking at me like that, I would be pretty depressed too!

More pictures later! There are TOO many to post all at once!


Shannon said...

Great pictures! I love the tigers-their paws are so adorable!

Carla said...

Awesome pictures Kathy!! Should have told me you were going, I could have met you there! Love the tigers too, unfortunately every time I go, they are either not out or kind of in a hard place to get good pics. Oh well, maybe next time! Can't wait to see the rest of the pictures!

Anne Alagna said...

Too funny! Animals are great, arent they! We went to the zoo once and the big gorilla was flipping everyone off and they closed the exhibit until he stopped.

~~Rhonda said...

Wonderful pics! Did you see the tiger cubs?? They are SO cute to watch! ~~Rhonda