Thursday, September 09, 2010

A Summer Full Of Projects!

So, I still haven't made any of those delicious looking cupcakes mentioned in my last post. (YES! That was almost five months ago!) Summer is almost over, and I have been to several BBQ's. (We even hosted the 4th of July BBQ at our house.) But, NO YUMMY CUPCAKES were made!

However, I did make other things that were equally fattening, and had the taste buds groaning with pleasure! LOL!

Of course, I can't eat any of those things now, because I have started Weight Watchers for the hundred millionth time. It's a viscous cycle I tell ya! VISCOUS!

We have been super busy with projects around the house this summer.

Things like:

Digging huge holes in our back yard so that we could have a concrete pad poured.

Mr. Mister REALLY enjoyed that part! ME? NOT SO MUCH!

This is about when I started panicking! What in the world were we thinking? We will never have a semi-normal ugly backyard again! It was CHAOS! And, Mr. Mister was having a REALLY REALLY good time digging in the dirt.

He didn't even stop to get me a paper bag to hyperventilate into! The PUNK!

Obviously, I survived. And the backyard has improved immensely. We are still tweaking things to get it the way we want it. But, there is now a 13' X 27' concrete pad sitting in that area.

We also had to re-stain the deck because it looked horrible.

It's pretty much the same color, but looks A LOT better now. We bought some new furniture, and a really cool gazebo to provide some MUCH needed shade, and absolutely LOVE sitting out there now.

Especially, at night, when the candles on the chandelier are lit!

(Picture of gazebo and chandelier are from the internet.)

We took down the railings on the front porch to make it feel more open.

We also replaced our old, decrepit mailbox.

But, that's not all. When Mr. Mister went out of town I painted our bathroom, and the fireplace. (YES! I painted the ugly brick! I can hear the gasps of horror from all of the painted brick haters! LOL!) It sure doesn't look like this anymore.

Of course, after I painted the fireplace white, that led to changing the paint color in the living room, halls, and going up the stairs. Which then led to having to paint the mirror above the fire place. Now, all of the decor items need to be redone as well! It's the snowball effect! TOTALLY! All because we wanted things to be more "light and airy!"

I am beginning to think "light and airy" is seriously overrated! LOL! Just Kidding! We are actually loving the way things are turning out. As we work our way through the rest of these projects, I will take some pictures to show you.

Until then, I think I will go back to the wineries and B&B we visited, because I need another vacation!

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Maillardville Manor said...

Your house look lovely Kathy!!!
I would love to share my potato and leek soup recipe, I couldn't find your email address, So let me know where you'd like me to send it to!
I cannot wait to try yours, I'm thinking next wednesday, I have the afternoon free!! Lee's excited for it too!!!
Thanks so much
c/o Maillardville Manor