Sunday, November 21, 2010

Still Not Done!

Well, I am no longer climbing up the side of scaffolding like a monkey, but I still haven't finished all of the painting that needs to be done. The upstairs hallway is only half finished, and I have lost the desire to ever paint again! Whose brilliant idea was that anyway? Hmmmm......... never mind!

Since our last chat, my husband and I have been having some FUN! We spent our 25th anniversary in Napa, California. It was wonderful!

The day we arrived, I got to experience my very first spa treatment at Amadeus Spa. (Picture is from internet)

SO FUN! I'm not comfortable with the whole massage thing, but I did get a facial, pedicure, and manicure. Now, I'm addicted to this kind of pampering, and cannot wait to go again. My poor husband doesn't know the Pandora's box he has opened! LOL!

On our actual anniversary, we had lunch on the Napa Valley Wine Train.

When we arrived at the train station they loaded everyone up on a bus, and then we headed to Raymond Vineyards for a tour, and tasting. After we finished there, they took us to a different location, where we boarded the train.

We were seated with an amazing couple from Australia.

We enjoyed chatting with them so much during the meal, that we pretty much forgot to look at any of the gorgeous scenery rolling past our window. They were so sweet! They even bought a bottle of champagne to share with us for our anniversary.

After we got back to the hotel, I was poking fun at my husband about going on a hot air balloon ride, because while we were sitting outside eating breakfast earlier that morning, we looked up and saw several balloons floating above us. As we watched them drifting by, I told him that we should have been up there with them. He knew that going on a hot air balloon ride had been on my "bucket list" for a long time, so he told me to go to the concierge desk and book it! WHOO HOO! I don't think he even finished getting the words out of his mouth before I was out the door, and heading to the main lobby of the hotel! LOL!

The next morning we had to get up at 4:30 to be ready for our 6:00 pick up in front of the hotel. I was so stinkin' excited as we piled into the large van with Balloons Above The Valley printed on the side and started the drive toward the meeting place. There was a group of SEVEN sisters in the seats in front of us, who were just as excited as we were. They had planned their vacation together, and this was one of the main things they had wanted to do. We arrived at the building, where we were offered coffee and pastries while we waited. One of the pilots gathered us around him and started talking about how things worked. We learned that it needs to get cold at night, so that the balloons can rise. Well, it didn't get very cold the night before so I began to worry a little bit. Then he started telling us about the dangers of flying when the winds were too high, and that even though it didn't appear to be very windy on the ground, that it was actually quite windy higher up. Which lead to him saying that they didn't feel comfortable flying that day. We totally understood the reasons why they couldn't go up, but we were still disappointed. (BIG TIME!) The sisters said that they were leaving the next day, so they couldn't sign up again. But, we decided to take our chances and hope for better conditions.

Since the balloon ride wasn't happening, we needed to find something else to do until our 1:00 pm appointment to tour Castello Di Amorosa, Napa's premier castle winery. So, we decided to go see the Old Faithful Geyser, and visit Chateau Montelena Winery.

All I can say is WOW! We took SO MANY pictures, that I am going to need to break it all down into smaller, more manageable posts. Believe me, it will be total picture overload! LOL! So, PLEASE check back, because I still need to go through and resize/edit all of them.

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