Friday, May 11, 2012

Treasure Island, Florida!

Growing up near the ocean, I always took for granted the fact that it was so close.  It wasn't one of our frequent places to visit, and I really never thought I would miss it when we moved away.  But, after about ten years, I really started feeling the pull to be near it again.  I missed the smells, the sounds, and the feelings it evoked.

So now, whenever Mr. Mister tells me that he has an upcoming business trip somewhere near the ocean, I jump at the chance to tag along with him!

He goes for work, and I go to play!  LOL!

This was the second time we visited Tampa, Florida, and we stayed on Treasure Island both times.  Why?  Well, one of the reasons is that we really like having a kitchen in our room. That way, we can go to the grocery store and pick up a few things to munch on.  It makes things easier, because I tend to be a "room rat" while the Mister is attending meetings, or at the conference. I kick back, read, surf the internet, take a nap, and basically live the life of leisure!

It's really hard being ME!!  (Just sayin'!)

But, the main reason we stay at this particular hotel, is because it's right on the water!!

And, we have views like this from our room!

We can't resist getting up early in morning, and going for a walk on the beach!

Or, watching the setting sun as it dips closer to the water!

There is just something about being near the water, that makes me feel at home.  I would LOVE to move to a place, where I could wake up to this every day!

OH!  I did find the perfect house!  We actually saw it last year, and it was still on the market this year.

Isn't she GORGEOUS!  Instant LOVE!  And, she's only $1,499,900.00!
POCKET CHANGE!!!  Right?  Babe??

Guess that means she's still on the market!   LOL!

Even though Mr. Mister was there for work, we did find time to enjoy some of the touristy things you just "have to do" when you are in Tampa.  One of those things being, eating at the Taco Bus!!  

Mr. Mister saw it mentioned by Guy Fieri on Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives, and said he wanted to eat there.  So, we did!

My opinion?  (In case you're asking!  LOL!)  The food was OK.  I've had much better Mexican food!  But, the novelty of it was cool!

Of course, you have to go to John's Pass - Village & Boardwalk!  You can't go to the ocean, and not shop, or eat at the boardwalk!

Where else will you see a pirate ship sail by as you chow down on fish & chips?

And, this is where we signed up for the best thing we did while we were there!  


Yep!  We went parasailing!  Gators Parasail offered an early bird special to anyone who signed up for their earliest excursion, so we went for it!  

It was AWESOME!  

Now, we know how the seagulls, and other birds feel, as they're soaring high above the water!  It was so quiet, and peaceful.  And, the view was even better than the one from our hotel room!!  

Our only complaint, was that it ended WAY TOO SOON!   

Unfortunately, we had to head back to shore, and Mr. Mister had to go to work!  But, I think for my very first time out on the ocean, it couldn't have gotten any better than this!

(All pictures were taken with our cell phones, except the parasailing pictures.  They were taken by the guys on the boat!  Thanks Captain Dave & Eric!)


Shannon said...

We love Treasure Island! It's so pretty.

That's a bummer that the Taco Bus wasn't that great...I would've been all over that if I saw a Taco Bus!

Carla said...

Wonderful trip girlie!!! Can't seem to find you 2 at home anymore!! Ahhh, the life of leisure!! Getting caught up with you and will go back and read the rest of your blog after work!! And I do remember giving you the irises, glad you can think of me when you see them bloom :))

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your blog!!!

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

That sunset is GORGEOUS!!

Patti said...

Hi Kathy, thank you for stopping by my blog. I wanted to let you know that I added the "follow by email" button to my "Like Vintage Silver" blog. Thanks for the suggestion. I have it on my other blog, so I'm not sure why I didn't include it on "Like Vintage Silver" as well.

I'm not sure if you are still using this blog, since May was the last time you posted, but I would encourage you to not stop "remembering (in writing) the moments."

Your beach photos are beautiful!! I love the beach, especially Florida's Gulf Coast beaches.