Saturday, February 17, 2007


Mr. Mister and I went shopping today! We are trying to work on some of the unfinished projects around the house (believe me........there are A LOT). While out looking we decided to stop by my favorite furniture store (Ashley Furniture). We found some really cool lamps for the bedroom. I am wanting a Moroccan feeling in there, so I thought these would be perfect. As soon as we came home, I plugged them in and LOVED them!! They add such ambiance to the room. We have them sitting on the bookcases next to the fireplace. We also found some tin panels to hang above the fireplace. (You can see a portion of them in the first picture) They had a matching mirror that I had decided not to buy, but I have changed my mind so we will be going back for that tomorrow. The panels are not really "Moroccan" but the colors were perfect for the room. I am so excited to see some progress, even if we still have tons more to do. I think we are going to try and stick to one room until we finish it, and then move to another. Otherwise, it's just way too overwhelming.

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