Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I have always been mesmerized by nature. I am constantly saying things like: "LOOK! There is a cardinal in the tree. Do you see it? Can you hear it chirping?" "WOW! The sky is SO blue and filled with white puffy clouds today." "The trees are getting their leaves! I can't wait until everything is GREEN again!" "Can you SMELL the salt air from the ocean?"
I cannot imagine going through life, not paying attention to all of the beauty that surrounds us on a daily basis. It's not just the big, obvious things but the small things as well. Like all the flowers in my garden just starting to bloom! Yes, most flowers are beautiful when they are in FULL bloom. But what about when they are just starting to open their petals? Or when it's the first flower on the whole bush to burst forth with color? Take a look at the texture of the unopened blooms on the hostas. Little peaks of purple just starting to come through. And the fern leaf? I just LOVE it! The shape is PERFECT! So far, there is only one plant, with a ring of petals on it, in the echinacea patch.
How could I not enjoy taking pictures of all of these? Flowers ALWAYS smile for the camera!
What if flowers aren't your picture of choice? Then maybe it's the geese at the local park. I love the picture that is so close that it cuts off part of the beak as the goose is walking by me. And the little ripples in the water as the other goose starts making it's way into the water.
I think everyone should grab their cameras, go sit on a park bench, and just take some random shots. Pick a day! ANY day! Why wait for the "perfect moment" when everything is in full bloom to see the beauty that nature has to offer!

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Vee said...

gorgeous photos!