Tuesday, August 07, 2007

She's Killing ME!

I am trying "really hard" to stay on my diet but, I am over at Pioneer Woman's blog seeing THESE!

She always has the best recipes, and the photographs she takes are phenomenal! She goes through step-by-step instructions with photos for EACH step! Go ahead and take a look! You know you want to! (Yep! I'm an enabler! LOL!) Cinnamon Rolls Recipe

This one will definitely be added to the list of foods to make for Christmas. Could you imagine waking up on Christmas morning to these! OOOOOOOOO I am drooling over here, and I think I've gained five pounds just by reading the recipe!

I guess I will actually have to get UP and do the new workout by Leslie Sansone that arrived here yesterday.
I won't mention the part about it totally kicking my (non exercising in months) butt!

WHEW DOGGIE! Can someone pass the cinnamon rolls please! HA!


Milk Can Momma said...

Good luck with the walking! Those cinnamon rolls do look good...

Splaneyo said...

Oh that woman! I love to look at her recipes, but I dare not bake either.
Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am going to have a look around here.

Just Me Again said...

Yeap, those look pretty tasty :0)

Greenie Gardens said...

Wow! I'll have to sweet talk my daughter into baking these great looking rolls. Isn't chewing exercize? Thanks for all the recent comments on the blog. They are much appreciated.