Monday, October 15, 2007

Fun Weekend - Part One

We decided to take several days off, and spent Thursday (our anniversary) hanging out together. We ran around town, and even went to the antique store, where I bought a new pretty!

We ate dinner at the Olive Garden. YUMMY! Their Alfredo dipping sauce and bread sticks are delicious! I even played footsie with Mr. Mister under the table. (It was a ploy, so that I could have his mint at the end of the meal!)

Then we headed over to Dave & Busters. A grown man's dream! We played a lot of games! Look at us! Aren't we cool?

Did you know that you can get "car sick" while "pretending" to drive cars really fast? I found that out the hard way! YEP! I'm one cool chickie!

Mr. Mister should have been a pro basketball player! Just look at that form!

We won't discuss my form while trying to throw a basketball! NOPE! Not going there!

I did kick his butt on the horse races and in football though! (It doesn't matter that he beat me in most of the other games we played) I showed him who the BOSS was!

He was so upset he had to drown his sorrows!

I enthusiastically celebrated my wins with this!

By the end of the night, we had over 1400 points in tickets that could be redeemed for cool prizes! I asked Mr. Mister if he wanted to spend our new found fortune on the nose hair clippers shaped like a finger (so that it would look like he was picking his nose!) and he said NO! What fun is he?


Lynda said...

Your story is so cute! It sure sounds like you guys had a great time! The picture of the sundae was great ~ well the beer was nice too!LOL!


Anonymous said...

That vase is so beautiful!


Cheryl Wray said...

You guys are too cute!!! Looks like a great evening!!!