Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Fun Weekend - Part Two

Friday night we went to a murder mystery dinner at Bissell Mansion.

It was Mayhem in Mayberry! (The following information, in bold text, was taken from the Bissell Mansion website. The photographs of characters were taken by me.)

Welcome to the 10th annual Mayberry-fest. Everyone is looking forward to the highlight of this event - the Miss Mayberry contest. Sheriff Andy Trailer is the judge, so the contestants will do their best to "influence" Andy. In fact, Andy has received threatening phone calls, letters, and telegrams from fans of all the contestants. Making the wrong choice could be hazardous to Andy's health.

Not to worry! Deputy Blarney Fife is the head of security and the first alternate judge in the event Sheriff Andy can't perform this duty. If anything happens to Blarney, this year's second alternative judge is Jethro Boding from Beverly Hills (via Arkansas).

The contestants will be judged on beauty, poise, cookin' skills and the new category this year - hog callin'. Will the next Miss Mayberry be the vivacious Dazey Doof from Hazzard County? Or the beautiful hillbilly, Elly May Klumpett? Or will it be the lovely Lois Lame from Smallville? Don't count out the charming Paris Hoosier from Hoosierville. She's the main reason the train stops at Petticoat Junction!

They forgot to mention Miss Piggy as one of the contestants.

When we arrived at Bissell Mansion we were assigned characters.

I was "Paula McGoy." I was a member of the fake McGoys. I had two brothers and a sister, and we were all shepherds. We formed a little band, and called ourselves the Real McGoys. But, we discovered that there was another family with that name, and that they were in a blood fued with the Hatefields. We didn't want any part of that, so we changed our name to the "Bleatles." We used sheep as our chorus, and according to the crictics, our music was "Baaahd." I played the washboard!

Mr. Mister was "Ernest T. Bazz." He was considered the greatest fisherman in Mayberry. He was a big star on the Fly Fishing Network (FFN). His show, "Hoping They Bite", was the top-rated show on the network. He invented the perfect fishing fly. He had trouble remembering names and called everyone "Vern."

We were supposed to stay in character, and walk around (while appetizers were being served) talking with all of the other people from "Mayberry." The contestants in the Miss Mayberry contest were asking everyone to vote for them, and talking trash about the other contestants.

A little later, we were asked to take seats at our assigned tables, so that the "performance" could begin.

We were seated with Opie (John), Aint Martha (Leigh), Howard Spade (Billy), and Miss Piggy (Maggie).

As I mentioned before, Miss Piggy was a contestant in the Miss Mayberry contest. She had to compete in all of the categories, and it really looked like she was going to be the person who murdered Sheriff Andy Trailer.

Even I, suspected her. I thought she poisoned the Sheriff with her meatloaf. She told the Sheriff that her special ingredient was Kermit the Frog! So my thoughts were that Kermit had salmonella and therefore the Sheriff died from salmonella poisoning after tasting her meatloaf during the cookin' contest!

But in the end, it was Elly May Klumpett, that murdered Sheriff Andy Trailer with her road kill pizza. She had been trying for years to win the Miss Mayberry contest, and this was the last year that she could participate because she was getting too old. She thought she would have a better chance with Deputy Blarney Fife as the judge.

Turns out, our Miss Piggy was the winner, and became the new Miss Mayberry! Congratulations Miss Piggy! Kiss Kiss Hugs Hugs to you!

Mr. Mister and I, had a great time!

The group of people at our table were a lot of fun!

We were really happy that we weren't seated with Dazey Doof because she had a stone faced woman with her that never cracked a smile. She walked in saying that she was there lookin' for a man! (I don't think she found one! LOL).


Cheryl Wray said...

Oh my much FUN is that?? I have always wanted to do a murder mystery dinner. i love it!!!

Linda said...

You guys are having way to much fun.
Love Ya, MOM

Anonymous said...

I'd like to do that again when the story changes! FUN.