Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Cake Decorating - Revisited

Last night was cake decorating classes. We learned how to make drop flowers and leaves. I was very excited about the way our cakes turned out. Here is mine:

I need to practice some more. I kept turning my hand too fast while making the flowers, and they didn't flatten out as much as they should have. I also made my leaves a lot more squiggly than they normally are, but I don't think it looks too shabby for a first try! Here are a few more pictures.

Brat Girl's cake turned out BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE the colors she chose. They went together perfectly! You can see pictures (warning - they are large) of it here and here.


Anonymous said...

Oh Kathy your cake is so pretty, too pretty to eat. I am sure after your cake class is done you and your family are going to be sick of looking at and eating cake.

ScrapFairy said...

ahh you did a great job. Making me hungry for some cake, yumm!

Greenie Gardens said...

That is too pretty to eat! What a great job you did! I really like the colors too!

Cathy said...

Kathy, that cake is beautiful. It looks so yummy I can actually taste it! Great job girl!

Kari said...

Wow. It's 10:30 at night, I'm surfing thru Blogland because I've missed it so (been in San Antonio the past couple of days) and I come across these pictures. You are one cruel woman! I'm STARVING FOR SWEETS NOW thankyouverymuch! That cake looks fan-tab-ulous! lol Great job. I envy your ability. And I love your color choices, too. And I really, really wish it was sitting here in front of me because I think I could probably manage to eat the entire thing by myself. But...since that's not possible, guess I'll go raid the fridge. Thanks alot! :)

Splaneyo said...

Your cake is lovely! You are going to have to post a tutorial when you are done.

Your tree looks great too and I love the peacock.


Mosaic*Queen said...

Great Job!!!!
And yes, I'm still hunting for lil' pink birds! :-) lol

Linda said...

Beautiful cakes. You guys are doing a great job.
Love Ya,

Cheryl Wray said...

Oh, these look GREAT!!!!! I think you are doing an awesome job!!! (But the question did it taste? And can I have some drop-shipped to me?? LOL)

ChoKitty said...

Lookit Dat. I got Gamma to post comments. Maybe I should call and yell at her more often.