Sunday, January 20, 2008

Why It's Great To Be Me!

I was tagged by Kari, over at Just Livin' Large, to participate in the Why It's Great To Be Me MeMe.

The following are a few of the reasons why I think it's great to be me:

1. I have a wonderful husband! We have been married for 22 years, and we still enjoy doing things together. Whether it's watching a movie, going out to eat, playing Scrabble, or wandering around at the local flea market, our weekends are pretty much spent hanging out together. (Unless he is working on the dungeon!) He is my biggest fan & supporter. He is the first person to say "GO FOR IT!" whenever I decide I want to do something. He has more faith in my abilities than I do! He also spoils me ROTTEN! (I probably shouldn't be putting that in writing, or admitting it on the internet, because if you ever ask me if I'm spoiled in front of him, I will deny it!)

2. I have two great kids, that are quickly turning into amazing, interesting, fun adults! They each have their own strengths and qualities that make them unique. It's still hard to believe that my babies, have grown up, and pretty much lead their own lives, even though they are still under our roof. They also believe in my abilities more than I do! LOL It's so nice to have your own personal cheerleaders!

3. I can honestly say that my mother is one of my best friends! I love the relationship we have. We talk all of the time. She is a rock in my life!

4. I have a the best Mother-In-Law that anyone could hope for! I am so glad that we enjoy each other. I hear many people talk about strained relationships with their Mother/Father-In-Laws, and I am so lucky not to have that problem in my life.

5. I have a home that I truly love! There is nothing that compares to having your own little piece of the world. A place that reflects who you really are. You are not bound by all of the restrictions of renting. You are allowed to share your personality through your choice of design and decor. It is my sanctuary!

6. I was born with a creative soul! I cannot imagine my life without creativity being in it. I have always wanted to be an artist. I have tried many different art forms, and hope to continue learning many more. It's such a rewarding feeling, knowing that you created something with your own hands.

7. I get to travel with my husband on some of his business trips! It is AWESOME! My husband travels frequently, and builds up so many miles flying, that he earns free airline tickets. He also builds up enough points for free hotel stays. Every so often he will say that he is going to so & so place, and asks me if would I like to join him? I have enjoyed Albuquerque, Boston, Las Vegas, Washington D.C., and Phoenix. Next week, I get to go to Fort Lauderdale with him! YAY! Warm weather!

I could probably continue on and on with my list, but like I told Kari, it hurts my brain to think so much! LOL

I will not tag anyone with this MeMe, but if you feel like you would like to participate, please let me know so that I can come to your blog and read all the reasons why it's great to be YOU!


Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

Great list!!! What does your husband do, by the way? Is he civil service or what? Randey (my husband) is and he's constantly traveling everywhere. We're always talking about me going with him, but with a 17 and 16 year old still at home, it's still not quite the right time. Certainly in a year or so, though. I can't wait. He just came back from Seattle recently. Would have loved to have gone on THAT trip. He's going to Missouri next month and Vegas in April. One day, I'll get to go, too....(when I'm convinced my kids won't live like animals without parental supervision. lol). I think I AM going to Florida with him in March. But that's not a trip I'm actually thrilled to go on, to be honest. I'll get to see my best friend (which will be GREAT!) and my sister, but it's always so much pressure when you go to a place where you have friends AND family. Family seems to think you're supposed to spend all your time with THEM. My family does that, anyway. Makes it kind of nerve-racking to be around them sometimes. Anywho - enough drivelling! Loved your Great to Be Me MeMe.! Thanks for doing it -

Greenie Gardens said...

What a nice list. You sound like a person who is very happy and satisfied with her life! It's nice to read about!

Cheryl Wray said...

Oh, I just LOVE this list!!! What a great idea for a post; I will have to steal it soon for mine!! :-)

You ARE blessed!!!

Mosaic*Queen said...

I've decided that I want to be you! You must be a WONDERFUL person and that's why you have so many wonderful people in your life! I'm proud to call you a blog friend! :-)
p.s. I hope you enjoy the warm weather!!!