Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Crazy Ideas!

My sister's wedding album is another project that has been waiting "patiently" for my attention.

Well, I decided to pull it out a couple of days ago, and fiddle around with it. She was married in Reno, and I decided to print all of the pictures in black & white because everyone was wearing different kinds of clothes. I am also doing all of the pages from the ceremony the same, and all of the pictures from the "reception" the same, to keep it simple, but elegant.

While looking through the album, I realized it needed something else. I pulled out my Sizzix "Swirly Decorative Strip Die" and knew that I wanted to include it on the ceremony pages. (I absolutely LOVE this die! You can also see it being used on the letters spelling Kaylie that I previously posted.)

So, I figured out how many "swirls" I would need, and started rolling black strips of paper through the machine. After a while, I started questioning WHOSE CRAZY IDEA was this? I had to cut 34 of these things out! AND glue them all down! But it gets even better! Everyone knows that I CANNOT make all those swirly flourishes without adding flowers to them. Each swirl would take three flowers. That added up to 90 flowers. And of course, I had to put gunmetal colored Stickles in the center of each flower. I haven't pulled out the dew droplets yet, but I probably will end up adding some of those as well. (Keep in mind, that this is only for the ceremony portion of the book. LOL) What happened to "simple?"

I still haven't finished all of the pages, but here's a peek at a couple of them.

Yeah, I know the pages still "look" simple.

But, believe me, I ended up creating a lot more work for myself. LOL

Now, the "reception" portion of the album also needs "something" else. I think I will be adding a decorative border at the top and bottom of the pages. I am still trying to figure it all out. But, at least I am making some progress on it.


Anonymous said...

Very lovely!
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Anonymous said...

I love everything about the layouts Kathy. I love using black and white photos.

Mosaic*Queen said...

You did a GREAT job!!!! I really like how they turned out. You also made me laugh my butt off. Simple. Yeah, right. :-)
Hugs to you my dear!

Cheryl Wray said...

Those pages look beautiful!!! This album is gonna turn out great!!

Lisa said...

Wonderful layouts. I love that die cut too. Swirls are always so versatile.

Good luck on the album.

Amy said...

Hey Miss Missy,

I LOVE the wedding layouts...but then again you used "Swirlies" and you know you and I both love "swirlies"! Just wanted to wish you a very very happy Easter and hope you and your family have a fantastic day! *HUGGERS*

Lisa said...

I want this die so bad, my LSS was out of it so I will search online. I love your use of the die. I saw a layout using it to make waves on a beach page, using 3 colors of blue and 3 different swirls all entwined it was great.