Thursday, June 05, 2008

Nothing To Show You!

I have nothing to show you today! I had great intentions with this challenge! I expected to get something done today! But, I spent most of the day cleaning! It was one of those cleaning binges where one thing leads to another, and then another. At one point I was washing down all the doors in the hallway.

The thing about that kind of cleaning, is that it's the little things that most people won't even notice! Like cleaning out the drawer with five phone books, twenty take out menus, and two hundred expired coupons! Or pulling the centerpiece off the dining room table so that you can clean the dust off the top of all the candles.

Finally, I drug myself up to my studio and "tried" to come up with something. I even made "part" of a card. But, I just wasn't "feeling" it, so I decided that I wasn't going to force it.

Tomorrow is another day! And maybe I will complete two projects! We shall see!

1 comment:

Mosaic*Queen said...

That's okay. Sometimes just having the house clean....really clean...will bring lots of inspiration your way. It does for me. :-)
Now, would you please come and do some scrubbing for me??? LOL!!

Hugs and have a Great Weekend!