Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Travel Journal!

This is what I have been working on today! It's far from being done. I am thinking that the cover still needs something in the upper left corner. I just haven't figured out what to put there yet. I also want to tie LOTS of matching ribbons on the binding. So, you will probably being seeing more of this project as I go along!

I actually bought the paper for this over a year ago. It's the Motifica line from Basic Grey, and I absolutely fell in LOVE with it. Once I saw it, I knew it was the perfect paper for my travel journal, and I have been picturing it in my head ever since. I knew that I wanted it to look "old." I wanted it to feel like it had traveled the world, and had held many stories and treasures within it's pages.

The album is made from 6" X 9" envelopes, that were cut down. Each end has an opening so that I can slide a journaling tag, tourist pamphlets, ticket stubs, or anything else I collect from the trip that I am on.

I used my Bind-it-All to bind the book together. And as you can see, I have dipped into the alcohol inks again for the word "TRAVEL" The pretty flower is from Petaloo. They have the COOLEST flowers!

I am making it so that it can be used over and over again, so there probably will not be pictures on the pages from a specific trip. I am thinking of putting travel quotes on the pages instead. But, since it's still a work in progress, that may all change!

I will be laying in bed tonight, thinking about this album, at 11:30! ROFL!


KhrisW said...

That's beautiful, I love the cover! Gorgeous colors!

I'm visiting from SIS, btw.

beate said...

Wow! Beautiful journal.

Mandi said...

haha I lay in bed awake too when I've got a project on my mind! I think the upper left corner looks great as is! Good luck!

Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

LOVE IT! I bought two of those "word" books, you know what I'm talking about? They're chipboard letters and each letter is a page? One book is the word "friends" the other book is the word "music". I was going to do the sheet music, lyrics, album covers (geez, look how old I am - I'm calling them ALBUM covers! ha)from the songs that Randey and I have "loved" together since we've been married for the "music" book. Remember the Fine Young Cannibals from back in the late '80's? LOL And Tone Loc (sp?).
Wish I didn't have a gazillion things to do today. Just talking about doing that book is making me want to get after it! And it's all your fault for showing me your "travel" book. (It only inspires me to copy you, you know. lol)


Tina said...

a wonderful journal! Great colors!

Anne Alagna said...

What about a ribbon? If you run it vertically between the letters and the binding, from top to flower, it will fill in the space without taking away from the look you already have going. Just a thought.