Saturday, July 12, 2008

A New (Old) Treasure!

OMG! I cannot believe how much I LOVE this antique buffet/server.

Brat girl and I, decided to go wandering around at one of the local antique stores the other day.

I was actually looking to see if I could find some Princess House Crystal, so that I could add to the pieces I already have.

As we were strolling down the aisles, I walked right past this booth, and Brat Girl called me back, saying "I REALLY like that!" I came back and said "Yeah, so do I, but I am sure it costs a FORTUNE!" and asked "How much is it?" She looks at the tag hanging from the knob, and says "$185.00." "NO WAY!!!!" "Are you kidding ME?" I was shocked. We stood there, drooling over it for a few minutes. I kept saying, "I don't know if I can pass this up!" Of course, Brat Girl, being the enabler that she is, kept saying you should buy it! If you don't, I might!

We walked around a few more minutes, but I couldn't stop thinking about the buffet. Forget about looking for Princess House Crystal! I WANTED that buffet! So, I pulled out my cell phone and called Mr. Mister. I was so excited as I was telling him about it. He said, "if it's what you want, then buy it."

He didn't have to tell me twice! LOL! I ran (well, not really, but I walked really fast!) up to the front of the store and paid for it before "I" talked myself out of it. (I tend to do that quite often!) Afterwards, I felt some buyers remorse. But, only for about five minutes. LOL!

We had to leave it there until Friday, because Mr. Mister was out of town, and there was NO WAY that we were going to be able to get it into the truck. That thing is HEAVY!

Finally, Mr. Mister made it back home, and we picked it up. It is now gracing our dining room, with all of it's loveliness! I still need to finish wiping it down with Murphy's Oil Soap, (it is filthy) and figure out what I want to display on top of it. The pictures and stuff were already up on the wall. We had to take a shelf down, (that is why there are silver screws there) and the pictures are long enough that the bottoms of them are now tucked behind the buffet. I cannot decide if I want to move the pictures and everything else, higher up on the wall, or leave them the way they are now. I don't think it looks "bad" the way it is, but I am not totally sure I like it either! (It's the perfectionist part of me coming out again!) So, most likely, everything will be moved up about seven inches or so.

Anyway, that's my story. What do you think of my new (old) treasure? Isn't she PURTY? (BTW....Brat Girl has already informed us that this MUST be willed to her, because she is the one who found it at the store! LOL!)


Cheryl Wray said...

Oh, that is just BEAUTIFUL and what a deal. Congrats on it; it looks great!!!!!

Linda said...

You go girl. It is BEAUTIFUL.
Love Ya

Mosaic*Queen said...

Love it, Love it, Love it!! I have a cream painted shabby one that I got for $200 and I only paid that much because I knew the person. You got one hell of a deal there chica!!
I agree, move everything on the wall up a bit.

Rhonda said...

A beautiful buffet! Personally, I would move the things on the wall up a smidge. Isn't it fun to browse antique stores?? ~~Rhonda :)

Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

I am positively green, blue, pink and purple with envy!!! That piece is awesome!! Send Brat Girl down my way...I need to take her shopping because it looks like she's got THE eye. :)