Saturday, August 09, 2008

Hissy Fits!

I am sure you all remember my beautiful cat, Tori Belle. She is the one that started my affection for cats. From the time she was a kitten, she had me wrapped around her paw.

Let's all say it together now! AWWWWWWWW! Isn't she the sweetest? She just makes you want to scratch behind her ears doesn't she?

How about now?

Yeah! I thought so! I saw you snatch your hand back really fast! Those ears aren't looking quite so inviting now are they?

And my daughter's cat, Dink. I call him my "Lovey Dovey." He is such a delight to have roaming around the house. He's my sleeping buddy. (Until Mr. Mister comes to bed, and kicks him off his side of the bed! LOL!) I love snuggling and kissing on him all the time.

Well! UMMMMMMM! Maybe not ALL of the time!

You are probably wondering why the cats are having such hissy fits aren't you?

Was I pulling their tails? NOPE!

Was I not feeding them their favorite canned food?

NOPE again!

They are having MAJOR hissy fits because of THIS!

Meet Topher. My son "rescued" him from a pet store. And he is taking the house by storm!

He (like Dink, but so NOT like Tori!) also as an affectionate personality. He comes up to you and rubs his face across your cheek. He "talks" constantly! And of course, being that he still has some kitten in him, he LOVES to play. That's why you are seeing pictures of him peaking out from behind my fake potted fern. (YES! I said FAKE! Shoot me now! I have fake plants in my house! TSK! TSK! I hear the artificial plant police heading to my house as I type!)

HE, for the most part, is settling in quite well. He keeps wanting to play with Tori and Dink, and doesn't understand what all the uproar is about.

"LOOK MAN!" I just want to be friends! OK? Can we get our "PLAY" on now?

As you can see, Dink is handling it MUCH better than Tori. (She won't let him, or anyone else within five feet of her.) He has actually gotten to where he will play with him every once in a while. I am sure that Dink will be much happier to oblige him in a game of chase, once Topher has been declawed. That would then make the "fight" (I mean GAME!) much more even, since both Dink and Tori have had their front paws declawed. (SHOOT! Here come the ANTI-declawing police TOO! - I think it's time to go and hide in my secret closet! Which, is actually the pantry, because I don't like to hide for long periods of time without my favorite Chocolate Vanilla Creme Pop-Tarts!)

But, before I go, I want to leave you with this picture!

EEK! That's SCARY! He appears to have gotten in on the hissy fit action too, doesn't he?

NAW! He is only yawning in this picture! Not throwing the hissy fits that the other two were. The only time he hisses is when Shelby comes around. I guess he wasn't around big dogs in his last home.

Like I said before, he is pretty mellow. He just wants to have fun! But, I must warn you! Don't blow in his face, or even remotely in his direction, (which I do often, because I think his reaction is hilarious) because he will jump out of the chair, fly across the room, and attack your leg!

YES! I brush my teeth first! (USUALLY!)


Amy said...

LOL! I guess we all have neurotic kitties don't we? I just love the pictures of your lovlies! Hope to see you soon girlfriend!

Mosaic*Queen said...

I'm not gonna lie....Kittys kind of scare me...especially when they do that!
My kitty that lives behind my bushes has done that a couple of times and I'm like YIKES!!!


Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

You are a nut. What a funny story. And what beautiful cats! You really are ramping up your photography, aren't you? I'm jealous.


P.S. You mean not ALL houseplants are fake? How to you grow real ones indoors???? LOL

Cheryl Wray said...

Your cats are gorgeous...and those pictures are fantastic!!!

Cats just kill me. They have minds of their own and pretty much let everyone--other cats and people--know it!!

Maria said...

Cute post! I love cats too, with all their postures! I have one cat, and sometimes I borrow my neighbors' cat (hoist her under my arm and take her inside) and they play like crazy for half an hour, and then she leaves. For me it's an energy saving way to have someone else let off his steam...