Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Random Things!


Where does the time go?

The first part of last week, was spent making kits for the Scrapbook Factory. They got in lots of new stuff, and they always make up kits to sell in the store, so I was a busy girl.

The great thing about making the kits, is that it gives me some extra spending money to spend on scrapbooking goodies.

This weekend, Mr. Mister and I, decided to just get in the car and go. We haven't done that in a while. (I love to drive around looking at houses, gardens, and whatever else comes along.) Well, we ended up at a place called Fast Eddie's Bon Air. We had heard that it was a fun place to check out. It's toted as the "best bar in the midwest." (I didn't take pictures, so this photo is from their website.)

This bar was originally opened in 1921 by Anheuser Busch. It was known as Bon Air. Approximately ten years later, laws changed, which prohibited breweries from owning drinking establishments, so they had to sell it. It was owned by another family until 1981 when "Fast Eddie" bought it. Since then it has quadrupled in size.

One of the big draws to Fast Eddie's is that they have kept their menu prices the same as they were nineteen years ago. You can get a cheeseburger for $1.29, a basket of french fries for .99, and fresh peel & eat shrimp for .29 each. (These are just some of the things on their menu.)

Mr. Mister was QUITE impressed! LOL!

When we walked into Fast Eddie's, my first reaction was to turn around and walk back out. LOL! The line for food was wrapped all the way around the bar. But, we decided to stay, and quickly learned that the long lines were part of the "experience" when you went there. (We were lucky that the line was not out the door and down the block!)

On the weekends, they have live music. As we sat inside, we could hear the band warming up. We sat through a few songs, while we ate our lunch, and then decided to continue our drive up the river.

We drove through small towns, and looked at all of the boats on the river. It was a really nice day. The weather was perfect, and everyone seemed to be out enjoying it. We were hoping to stop at one of favorite "little" wineries, but it was also crowded with lots of people. So, we decided to head back home.

What a GREAT way to spend the day. It was so relaxing. And sometimes, it's fun to just get out, and "wander" around.

Unfortunately, now it's back to work! There's no time to play, because the TO-DO list is way too long.

Why can't the weekends last longer?


Rhonda said...

Sounds like a fun day. We don't get to do that much currently as DD10 does not enjoy riding around in the car. :) When her older siblings were around, we'd leave them all at home and go for a ride every Sunday afternoon. Always enjoyed that. A good time to catch up on chatting with one another, too. ~~Rhonda :)

Mosaic*Queen said...

Wow! Sounds like my kind of day! You are lucky to have a husband that likes to do things like that with you. :-)
Hugs to you!


Anonymous said...

I am so glad you liked Fast Eddie's. I haven't been there in years but it is a fun place to go. I had heard they added on a place out back for smokers. And the ride down the river road is fun too. You need to go back when the seasons are changing as the trees are beautiful that time of year.

Greenie Gardens said...

What a fun time! So glad you guys were able to just spend some fun time together-- where did our summer go? Take care, Stephanie

Audra Krell said...

That sounds like way too much fun! I want to do that!! Thanks for sharing this great experience with us.

Cheryl Wray said...

This sounds like SO much fun!!

Amy Jo said...

It's about time you updated girly! I was getting ready to think you'd become like I used to be...LOL! Just kidding!

I LOVE road trips like that! I'll have to check that place out, sounds like it's a pretty cool place.

The kits you did are super-duper cute! Hope to catch up with you soon!