Friday, November 14, 2008

OBG - Update!

Brandon received his box! It sounds like everyone is enjoying the cookies! Here is what he said in his email:


I would like to inform you that I received your package in the
mail today. The oatmeal scotchies were absolutely amazing, and I
didn't try the others yet, mainly because I was too busy eating the
oatmeal ones. But all the guys I work with said the Funfetti ones
were delicious as well. I look forward to tasting them. I will be
able to start sending pictures within the next couple of days. once
again, your generosity is greatly appreciated and the cookies are



Anonymous said...

Rian got two boxes already and he said all the soldiers wanted to know how he new all these women lol. It hammed it up with them like he was a laides man then he told them the truth. =) They are having a blast eating and posting the letters and cards on the wall.

Mosaic*Queen said...