Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Creating Keepsakes Ornament Drop!

I was buzzing around on the internet today and saw this mentioned.

It's the Creating Keepsakes Ornament Drop.

Here's what Erin Lincoln posted about this project on the Creating Keepsakes website:

"The details are simple. Make a homemade ornament between now and Christmas. Print out our down loadable tag and leave your ornament in a public place. Before you walk away, take a photo of your ornament hanging out and just waiting to be found. Come on over to our Ornament Drop site to share your story and upload your photo. With any luck, the person who finds it will log on and tell their "Ornament Find Story". FUN!

If we all join together, we can drop ornaments all over the world this holiday season. A simple little gesture and a talent shared with others can bring a smile to the face of many. I hope you'll participate with us!"

What a COOL idea! I think it would be something really fun to do with the kids!


Audra Krell said...

That's a really cool idea! Thanks for sharing this, I'm going to think about if I maybe have time to do would be great to do with my boys!

Cheryl Wray said...

Oh, i LOVE this. I'm gonna have to check it out!!!!