Friday, March 06, 2009

82 Degrees!


I just checked the weather forecast on my computer and they changed the high from 73 degrees to 80 degrees. BUT! It's saying it's 82 degrees out right now!

It's unreal! We go from freezing our patooties off a couple of days ago (highs were in the LOW 30's) to the 80's! The temperature in our house is reading at 85 degrees!

All I can say is WOW!


Tabitha Blue/Fresh Mommy said...

WOW is right!! I'm jealous of your weather... although ours was nice today, it was no 80!!!


Carla said...

Yep, 80's it is deary. A little too early, but soooo nice to open those windows and get some fresh air in the house!!

Anonymous said...

That sounds very nice! My kids came from Belleville on Friday and our temps cooled a bit. Too funny.



Cheryl Wray said...

We got up to 80 yesterday too. It felt SO good!!!