Thursday, March 12, 2009

Book Thongs!

As many of you already know, I have been reading a lot lately.

Well, a few weeks ago, I was at Borders picking up a few more of the Laurell K. Hamilton books (The Anita Blake - Vampire Hunter Series) and while I was waiting to check out, I started looking at the bookmarks on the "spontaneous buy" racks. (Yes, I'm a sucker for those racks!) They had some really cool, beaded "book thongs" and I decided to buy one.

Once I got home, I kept looking at the bookmark and thinking to myself "I can make this!"

So, I picked up some beads, and decided to play. Here is what I've come up with so far.

The first one will most likely go to my Mother-in-Law so that she can use it in her bible.

I know! I know! It doesn't really show up that great on the white background, but you can still get an idea of what it looks like.

This next one, I will probably be keeping for myself. Blue and green are my favorite colors, so I am really liking it. And who can resist a dragonfly?

Here is how it looks inside the book.

These are perfect for the book lover in your family! They would also make GREAT teacher gifts!

Mr. Mister and I are heading out to San Antonio this weekend, and I have decided to take my supplies along. It will give me something to do when I am tuckered out after visiting the Alamo and the River Walk.

Finally! A thong that I can appreciate! LOL!


Shannon said...

Oh! I love those!

Have fun in TX!

Carla said...

those are really pretty Kathy!! I have some stored away beads somewhere around here, will have to try it. Have fun in Texas this weekend!!!

mosaicqueen said...

Those are absolutely Fabulous Kathy! I must admit though, I had to do a double take on your post. The first thing I read was "thong" and I thought what the? LOL!!!!
Anyway, have fun in San Antonio! I had a blast on the River Walk last year!!! :-)



Cheryl Wray said...

These are GORGEOUS!!! How clever of you!

And San Antonio is my FAVORITE city anywhere!!! Have a great time!

Only Ginny said...

I love your bookmarkers.

Have a great time in Texas.