Saturday, March 21, 2009


Michelle, over at Mosaic Cottage, tagged me! UGH! I must say that I despise having my picture taken! Even more so, when I have to take it up close and personal, since I am the only one here at the moment. My only saving grace was that I had actually just finished blow drying my hair and putting my "bondo" on! NO JOKE! I really did!

So the rules of the tag were to take a picture of yourself right at that minute! AS IS! And then post it on your blog! So here it is! I am totally washed out! But, it's the best I could do at THAT moment! LOL! (I did take it into photoshop and play with it a bit. But, I couldn't change the fact that I was washed out. I am VERY pale to begin with, sooooooooooo.......)

I really cannot believe I am even putting this up on here! So please, don't be too cruel! LOL!

I am supposed to tag five others to play along with this! I decided to tag Carla, Jessica, Shannon (this blog is password protected), Ginny, & Amy. I know they will all just LOVE me for this! Sorry Girls!

Soon, I will be posting pictures of the San Antonio Botanical Gardens, that Mr. Mister and I took. I definitely want this post to start scrolling down the screen ASAP! ROFL!


Linda said...

You look so purdy.
Love Ya

Carla said...

Awww, look at those blue eyes!!! Yours is alot better than mine, ewww. Guess I better get the camera ready. Gee thanks girl!!

Anonymous said...

Now that I can see you close up, I can see that you are very very pretty!!! Thank you for participating!!! Now Maybe I'll recognize you if I see you in public! :-) crack me up!