Wednesday, March 25, 2009

San Antonio Botanical Gardens - Through Mr. Mister's Eyes!

On our last day in San Antonio we decided to visit the botanical gardens. I LOVE taking pictures of nature!

But guess what? So does Mr. Mister! He keeps telling me he needs his own camera. After looking at these next few photographs, I have to agree with him! He took some AWESOME shots!

Check them out!

Makes you just want to jump right in, and cool off a bit!

I LOVE the lighting on this next one!

I used Pioneer Woman's Sunshine action on this one. It gave it that yellow hue! (YES! I tweak the majority of my photographs in Adobe Photoshop, using Pioneer Woman's FREE actions found here and here!)

Of course, EVERYONE loves butterflies!

Can you imagine how many pictures we will have? With both of us, snapping away like crazy people! LOL!

I will post some of my pictures from the botanical gardens later!


Shannon said...

I love all of your pictures (yours & Mr. Mister's). San Antonio looks beautiful!

Carla said...

He did a GREAT job!!! the pics were gorgeous as always, I love your photography. Pioneer woman rocks doesn't she?!! I love her blog! Thanks to you for posting a link to it!!

Anonymous said...

I like I like!
Looking forward to the Botanical Garden pics!!!