Thursday, August 27, 2009

Blue Sky Vineyards!

BLUE SKY VINEYARDS! There is SO MUCH I could say about this place! I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE it! This is the very first winery I ever went to. It was during our trip to Giant City State Park for our 20th anniversary. That, is when I fell in love with wineries! And I didn't even drink wine at the time! But, the atmosphere and ambiance were unbelievable! I was totally hooked from that moment on!

It is what I expected ALL wineries to look and "feel" like! LOL! SO NOT the case! Over the last few years, I have seen some beautiful wineries, but they couldn't compare to Blue Sky. Blue Sky will always have a special place in my heart!

It was built to look like a Tuscan Villa! GORGEOUS!

The inside.

The mural is painted upstairs. They have two rooms you can stay in.

They have art by local artists. I fell in love with this little guy! (They have used pictures of some of the different art pieces on the labels of their wine bottles.)

The outside! I LOVE this pergola! I want it in my backyard!

Lots of seating.

A building for special events.

A pretty waterfall.

A lake.

And some cool windmills!

This is the back of the building. I was standing by the special events building & waterfall.

Mr. Mister is sitting up there. By the building on the left hand side. While I was taking all of these pictures he ordered more wine!

Darn! Now, who was going to drink all that? Can we get another order of that DELICIOUS bread & olive oil PLEASE?


Carla said...

OMG!! It is even prettier than some I've been to in California!! I can't wait to go there, just a little over a week now!! I sure hope my pictures turn out as good as yours!

Anne Alagna said...

Gorgeous! You have so much fun, dont you!

Cheryl Wray said...

Wow!! This is absolutely gorgeous!! (And you know how I love wine!) Looks like a wonderful time.