Monday, September 21, 2009

Quiet Around Here!

WOW! I cannot believe it's been almost a month since my lost post!

I have been doing things, just haven't taken the time to write about them.

I had pictures from another winery we visited over Labor Day weekend, but never got around to resizing them, and doing all the other stuff to post them on here.

Mr. Mister and I took a trip to the DC area again. (He had a class.) I took pictures, but they are a lot like the photographs from my last trip, so I don't know if I will post about it again.

I did make a new friend while I was there! We were both standing in the metro station alone, headed downtown to check out the sites. We started chatting, and decided to buddy up as we rode around town on a double decker bus. We even got to listen to a curmudgeon (a crusty, ill-tempered, and usually old man) chew the bus driver out because one of the buses broke down, and he had to wait longer than he thought he should have for the next bus to arrive. Then he got mouthy with us when we told the bus driver not to let him get to him, AND we had the NERVE to laugh about it! SHOOT us on the spot! LOL!

We actually have a busy few weeks coming up! We are heading back out the door on Wednesday to go to Ohio. The Mister is from Delaware and he wants to go back for the "Brown Jug" and to visit some friends! I have also talked him into visiting a winery while we are there! YAY! (We got our friends addicted to going to wineries while they were here!) The Mister's birthday is on Sunday. I am not sure when we will actually celebrate though, because we will be enjoying a LONG (in my opinion) drive home that day! Maybe, we will do a little celebration with all his friends while we are visiting!

Then we will be going to Las Vegas for our Anniversary in October. We will be spending a week there, so I should have LOTS of pictures when I come home. Right after coming home from Las Vegas, the Mister has to be in DC again. He has asked if I want to join him again, but I am not sure I will be going on that trip! I think I might be a bit tuckered out by then! LOL!

We shall have to wait and see what happens!


Carla said...

Have fun on your excursions girlie!! Can't wait to see all the pics from everywhere. I loved going to DC,its been quite some time, before 9-11. I just love the old atmosphere especially around Georgetowne!

Cheryl Wray said...

I love to hear about all of your excursions. You know how much I love wineries!!!

HAve a great day!