Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Catchin' Up - November & December!

In November, Brat Girl and I took our very first knitting class! Our instructor, taught us the basic stitches, and we promptly started making scarves. Nope! I haven't finished mine. Of course, I decided to start a second one though! Nope! I haven't finished that one either! LOL! I wanted to make one for Mr. Mister! Why? Well, because it's COLD outside, and he NEEDS one. But, I didn't like the way it was turning out, so I ripped it all out and started over. Then, I ripped it out again! LOL! So, it's only about two inches long right now! It's definitely not helping to keep him warm and toasty! He told me the other day, that he was going to have to use it to wipe sweat from his brow this summer by the time I finished it! LOL! PUNK!

Mid November, I got to go on a weekend scrapbooking trip! My friend, Carla, has a condo at the Lake of the Ozarks, and invited several of us to come and play.

Since I haven't actually "scrapped" anything in quite a while, I used the time to start on my Christmas cards. (They took A LOT longer to make than any other card I have made before! I continued working on them through November, and well into December. I ended up making 76 cards, and still didn't make enough for everyone on my list!)

We had lots of FUN, even though it rained on us most of the time! (Carla and I even stayed an extra day to try and avoid driving home in the torrential downpours! It didn't work! LOL! We should have stayed another day!)

Thanksgiving was nice and quiet. We had family over, and played games. There is always a lot of laughter in the house when we pull out Apples to Apples!

After reading about it on Pioneer Woman's website, the Mister and I, decided to brine our turkey this year. OMG! That was the BEST turkey we have ever eaten. It was so juicy and tender! Even my son (who prefers ham on Thanksgiving) said it was amazing! I am just putting it out there now! We will NEVER not brine our turkey again! And, it made some tasty soup a couple of days later!

December brought decorations, company, celebrations, and all the wonderful things we all tend to enjoy at that time of the year! It was a busy month!


Viki said...

Spending time at the condo with your friend sounds like heaven. How fun. Try again with the knitting and don't be so fussy. If there's a mistake that only shows that it was hand made LOL.

Shannon said...

I bet you girls had fun scrapbooking! I loved your Christmas cards-they were gorgeous!

~~Rhonda said...

Your Christmas card was beautiful! I saved it. I can't imagine how long it took you to make each one!
I'll have to look into brining turkey. I brined some pork chops last night and they were so juicy delicious. ~~Rhonda