Monday, January 18, 2010

Catchin' Up - October!

October was another travel month! The Mister and I flew to Las Vegas for our 24th anniversary. The day after we arrived, my uncle (who lives there) picked us up and gave us the grand tour. It was nice to go off the beaten path and see what else the Vegas area had to offer.

He took us to Red Rock Canyon, which reminded me so much of Sedona! I absolutely LOVED it out there!

The uncle, and the Mister, walked down the path to check things out! The women folk decided to stay up top! LOL!

The next day (our actual anniversary) my wonderful husband took me to see CHER!

OMG! I was SO EXCITED!! Seeing Cher LIVE was something I had always dreamed of! It was the first "real" concert I had ever been to. I sat there, amazed by at it all! The Mister kept laughing at me, because I was singing through the whole show! (Sorry, to the people sitting next to me! LOL!) It was AMAZING! It was WOW! It was UNREAL! And, it was over way too soon! I just wish they would have let us take pictures! I did TRY! LOL! With my cell phone! But, they didn't turn out very well. After the show, we walked down the strip to the Steakhouse as Bill's, and had a wonderful, relaxing dinner.

We stayed in Las Vegas for a week! The days were warm and sunny! The nights were nice and cool. Some of them were spent just being lazy, and taking in the amazing views.

You know I found the only winery in the area! Pahrump Valley Winery.

Others were spent doing the "normal" tourist type stuff. We went to M&M World, where the Mister bought two new dispensers to add to his collection. We also took a leisurely stroll up and down the strip, checking out all of the activity going on.

We spent some time enjoying the themes, and decor of the different hotels. One of them had the coolest motorcycle displayed inside.

We watched water shoot into the air, and dance magically to music. We witnessed our very first battle between pirates ships! And we were amazed that volcanoes really do erupt right on the Las Vegas strip!

We even sat down in front of a few slot machines, and gave them our money. Isn't that what you do in Las Vegas?

On our last night there, after refilling our drinks at the rhumbar, we decided to see if we could get tickets to see Terry Fator! We walked back over to the Mirage, and found the box office for his show. There were a few people standing around, and when I asked about tickets, they said the show was sold out. But, we could put our name on a wait list if we wanted to. With several people waiting already, we figured it wasn't going to happen, and walked off to check out the Terry Fator store. After taking a potty break (HEY! Those were some HUGE drinks from the rhumbar!) I decided to walk back over and check again. THEY HAD TWO MORE TICKETS! YEAH! We had to hurry though, because the show was already starting!

After opening the show with a few jokes, guess what Terry said? "FEEL FREE TO TAKE ALL THE PICTURES YOU WANT!" HUH? WHAT? That NEVER happens! But, you don't have to tell me TWICE! LOL! ( I apologize for these pictures being blurry. It was dark, and I didn't have a tripod with me, not that I could have used one in there anyway!)

In my opinion, this man truly deserved to win America's Got Talent! The range of his celebrity singing impressions, and the ventriloquism that he does, is unbelievable! We were either laughing, or saying OH MY GOSH through the whole show! This is a "MUST SEE" if you go to Las Vegas while he is still there!


~~Rhonda said...

So glad to see you posting! You had a busy and adventurous fall, didn't you?? Your pictures are great. Can't wait to see more! ~~Rhonda :)

Viki said...

Believe it or not, I saw Cher when it was Sonny and Cher LOL. I think it must have been the early 70's. I don't remember much, but I do still have the program. Great pictures of Vegas.

Carla said...

Wow, you are all caught up girl!!! Such wonderful pictures and fun places!! Next time you come down to the condo with me, we can go to the Casa de Loco winery, you will love it!! But NOT in the snow, lol, don't want to get my car stuck again!!
I can't believe you actually put my picture in here, ewww. Not a good hair day!!