Monday, November 29, 2010

V. Sattui Winery!

After a little rest, and some much needed nourishment, we decided to visit V. Sattui Winery before it closed for the evening.

We were honestly surprised at how early the wineries closed. I guess we thought that since it was Napa, that they would all stay open later than they did.

V. Sattui is one of the most popular wineries in Napa Valley. And for good reason!

The grounds are filled with breathtaking views.

As we walked up the pathway towards the winery, my eyes were instantly drawn to this plant laden arbor. It just seemed to go on forever.

While glancing around, taking in how lush and green everything was, I noticed that all of the pathways were edged with shrubs, and rose bushes.

It felt like we had entered a "Secret Garden."

Slowly, we continued up the path, until we came upon the most magnificent, ivy covered, cottage I have ever seen! (In real life, anyway! LOL!)

It looked like something straight out of a fairytale.

I just gotta say right now, that for me, going wine tasting isn't just about the wine, it's also about the ambiance, and the feeling that is being created.

The "photographer" in me likes seeing the "pretty" wineries, so that I can take lots of pictures, to OOOH and AAAH over, when I get back home.

Do I even need to tell you that, this winery was putting me in my "happy" place, before I even walked through the door to taste their wine. LOL!

Speaking of walking through doors.....

Once we walked through those wonderful doors, we were standing in their gourmet cheese shop and deli.

This is one of the things that makes V. Sattui so special. You can go through, pick what you would like to feast on, purchase it, and then proceed outside to have a picnic, while enjoying a bottle of wine. V. Sattui is the only winery that offers food, and a picnic area.

Mr. Mister and I, should have came here to eat, and relax, instead of grabbing some KFC, and heading back to our room! LOL!

Just past the Deli is the wine tasting room. There is a large wine tasting counter in the center of the room, and wine tasting counters around the edges as well.

I didn't take a lot of pictures inside, because we were running out of time, and wanted to get a tasting in before we left.

We tasted, we liked, we bought!!! Although, this time we were smart, and had them mail it directly to our home. LOL!

Back outside, I came across the picnic area.

AHHH! To sit there and laze away the day. PARADISE!

They also have an outdoor courtyard for weddings and receptions.

Isn't it beautiful?

Who knew that every winery in Napa Valley, and the surrounding area, would be so beautiful?

I sure didn't!

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Carla said...

OMG!!! They are breathtaking!! Now I know where to go when we plan our trip to Napa! Kathy's brochures!!! I'll be watching for the next chapter....