Saturday, December 04, 2010

Balloons Above The Valley!

Another early wake-up!

But, it didn't matter once we found out that we were definitely going up that morning! The crew from Balloons Above the Valley said it was perfect flying conditions! YAY!

Once we arrived at the launch site, we waited in groups for all of the balloons to be inflated.

I was so excited, I was doing happy dances! Mr. Mister? He was still wondering what he had gotten himself into! LOL!

It was amazing to see all of the balloons come to life. They were all so colorful.

First group taking off!

We were in one of the last groups. They were just starting to inflate our balloon.

The whole time we were standing there, I kept saying to myself, please let us have one of the pretty rainbow colored balloons. NOT the blue, black, & yellow one! But, guess what? No rainbow colors for us! We got "in your face" BOLD baby!

All of them were beautiful to watch.

Finally, we weren't just watching anymore! We loaded into our basket, felt the blast of heat on our faces, and headed thousands of feet into the sky. It was so peaceful. The ride was extremely smooth. It was AWESOME!

At times we would float higher than some of the others. LOVED the tops of the balloons!

The sun was still rising, and there was haze/fog in the San Fransisco direction, but the views were amazing.

The shadow of our balloon on the side of the hill.

Being up in the air, floating above Napa Valley, is an experience we will never forget. It was so worth it! Thank you babe, for being with me, and making it possible to check another item off my bucket list!


Shannon said...

Looks gorgeous & super fun!

Carla said...

OMG!!!! Girlie, those pics are awesome!!! What a wonderful view! That is one thing I HAVE to do someday!!

Parents of a Dozen said...

Thanks for stopping by our blog. I amyour newest follower. I think this looks like so much fun but I could never do this. I am afraid of heights.