Thursday, March 15, 2012

Warm & Toasty!


Over the last few days, we've been hitting temperatures in the 80's! In MARCH! And, they are calling for more of the same over the next few days!

It's crazy! We've gone from winter jackets and boots, straight to tank tops and flip flops!

But, it's AWESOME! I will take being a little toasty, over being cold, any day!

The trees are loving it too! They are all beginning to bloom.

And, plants are peaking through the soil.

Bye Bye, drab and dreary!

Hello, green and beautiful!

Of course, with warmer weather, we are feeling the urge to put the canopy up, over the deck! But, it's still too soon for that!

So, we appeased ourselves by getting the furniture out, and fluffing the pillows.

Now, we've got the best seat in the house!

There's nothing better than, sitting outside, and enjoying the sun, while listening to the birds serenade us, with their happy little tunes!

Mr. Mister was chomping at the bit, to get the first mow of the season, under his belt! It didn't take him long to change out of his work clothes, and head out the door!

Ummmm....babe??? Aren't you supposed to be mowing the "grass?" Not, the street??

There we go! Much better!

He's happy, when he gets to ride his "tractor!"

No! No babe! I don't think your "tractor's" sexy!!!!

I'm done! Going back in the house now! LOL!



Anonymous said...

Too Funny!! LMAO

Carla said...

Beautiful pics!! And some cute ones of the mister too!! I'm almost done with my post about the scrap retreat, hopefully get it done tonight and I want to take some pics of the flowering trees in the yard too!! I missed the apricot tree already, it bloomed and is almost done!! Maybe I can get that post up over the weekend.