Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Weekend

This weekend was a busy one. Saturday I was at the Chihuly crop from 9 am until 5 pm. I actually finished eight pages. Which is a miracle for me. (I am very "anal" and SLOW when I scrapbook) I really like the way the pages have turned out. I decided on a very simple layout, where all of the pages pretty much look the same, but I am using different colors to mat the pictures with, and the embellishments may be in different spots on the pages. The glass featured in the pictures is so beautiful that I didn't want to detract from them at all. So, simple and elegant was what I was going for. (I am including some pictures of the layouts I completed. I really should scan them because it's too dark to be taking pictures in the house right now. But at least you can see what they look like)

I had lots of fun seeing and chatting with everyone. And it was so cool to see how everyone did something different. Even more amazing was seeing how different everyones' pictures turned out. A different angle, different lighting, focusing on different areas of the pieces. There were so many possibilities, which turned into some very unique photographs. It was truly breathtaking and inspiring to see all of them. (I actually had customers stop at the table and ask me "WHAT IS THAT?" They kept saying that the colors of the glass were so vibrant and stunning. They walked away wishing they had gone to see the exhibit in person for themselves).

I did end up buying a new "toy". It's called the Cuttlebug. It's a machine that will emboss or cut words and shapes. It is very COOL. I used it for all of the scrolls that are on my Chihuly pages. I am on a scroll/flourish kick. Anything that has that look to it has become something I MUST HAVE. It's a look that is so easy to use. They can take on a totally different look or feel depending on how you use them or what embellishments you add to them.

All in all, I would say the crop was a good for me. My creative juices are flowing again, and I got something accomplished. I even talked Carla into starting a blog!! YEAH!! Now who is next?? LOL

Later that evening, Mr. Mister and I went out to dinner with R & M (friends of ours that we have known since the late 1980's while stationed at Vandenberg AFB). We had a great time talking, having a few drinks, and eating. Afterward, we came back to our house where the conversation continued and we drank wine until 1:00 am. WHEW!! Anyone that knows me, is really shocked by that!! HA HA I am NOT a night person. But, I cannot wait to do it AGAIN!!

I have to admit that it was a little "rough" getting up for our Sunday breakfast with the kids. After coming back home I "tried" to take a nap. HA! I should know better than that. Taz decided it was time to start squawking at the top of his lungs, while Dink jumped up on the bed next to me and began taking one of his hourly baths. I decided to get up and pay $4.95 to watch "the Secret" online. I am so glad that I did. I cannot wait until my copy comes in at Borders. I know it is something that I will keep going back to for encouragement and perspective in my life.

And that...........has been my weekend.


Just Me Again said...

OMG!! Those pages are FABULOUS! Wow. Great ideas here my friend. Thank you SO MUCH for pointing out these pages to me.

Just Me Again said...

I will be sure to try some and link you for the idea (if you don't mind of course)

Anne Alagna said...

I want some of those swirly things. You have them in every color. Was it a die cut?