Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Missing in action!!

Yep, I have been missing haven't I? I have been busy busy. I am trying to get my new business up and going. I printed up 250 flyers that "Bud" and I spent several hours putting into all of the neighborhood mailboxes. Did you know that you CANNOT do that?? Well I didn't. The mail person went around and took all of the flyers back out of those mailboxes. I even got a call from the post office telling me what a naughty girl I have been. They threw away over half of the flyers!
Mr. Mister and I were going to have a wine tasting event this Saturday at our house, but I have come down with a NASTY cold. I didn't think everyone would appreciate me spreading that around so we had to cancel. What do you do when life gets in your way? Try to stay positive and find a place that sells those plastic doorknob bags to put your flyers into. Anyone want to come walk the neighborhood with me again? LOL

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